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CZ Print Job Report

CZ Print Job Report CZ Print Job Report is a tool for print cost analysis. ad options to manage reports. Not only you can view but also generate 100 reports: 64 reports are default ones with option to customize 36 reports. These reports are compatible with CZ print management software and by remotely connecting this software tool to your database you can view reports from any computer in your network running on Windows platform. Creating email reports, generating emails and mailing reports all these processes are automated

MAPILab Reports for Exchange Server 3.5: Software solution for reports on Exchange servers activity and messaging.
MAPILab Reports for Exchange Server 3.5

reports. Includes reports on the size and growth trends of Exchange storages, their physical and logical organization, access rights and settings. 4) Mailbox reports. A large group of reports covering the use of mailboxes, sizes and trends, settings and rights of access, and contents of mailboxes - type and size of folders, items in folders, attachments. 5) Reports about public folders. Reports by access rights, use, size and content, settings and

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MAPILab Reports for Active Directory 1.0: MAPILab Reports for Active Directory includes 50 on reports on Active Directory.
MAPILab Reports for Active Directory 1.0

Reports for Active Directory is intended to get the reports about company`s Active Directory organization and objects. The solution includes over 50 reports regarding Active Directory users, computers, groups, organization units and their attributes. Report categories: - Users. The reports about Active Directory users and their accounts. - Computers. The reports about Active Directory computers and their accounts. - Groups. The reports about Active

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MAPILab Reports for Hardware and Software Inventory 1.0: Solution for reports on the state of a company hardware and software environment
MAPILab Reports for Hardware and Software Inventory 1.0

MAPILab Reports for Hardware and Software Inventory is a free software solution for reports on the state of a company`s hardware and software environment. It includes over 30 reports: by components on workstations and servers running Microsoft Windows, detailed reports by network adapters and protocols, logical disks and printers. Reports covering operating systems and software, as well as reports on the use of license keys of Microsoft products.

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SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight 7.2.0: Report generator empowering your Silverlight apps with powerful reporting
SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight 7.2.0

reports is explained by the simplicity of the work: all you need is the internet and a browser. However, developers face many difficulties during web reports design. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get the functionality of Windows Forms Reports in Web applications. Perpetuum Software LLC offers SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight. The product allows developers to utilize new abilities in Web reports. The functionality of the created Web reports, for

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Crystal Clear Reports for ACT! 1

Reports is a set of reports that provide additional information on your ACT!® database to the information that is available when running the standard ACT!® reports. Download a free trial copy of 40 Crystal Reports® designed to help you get the most out of your ACT!® database. The reports run right off the ACT!® menu and the Crystal Reports® runtime is included for free with the reports. Run your report and then save it in several formats including

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AD Reports 9.12.01: Use AD Reports software to automatically generate Active Directory reports
AD Reports 9.12.01

addition with simplifying Windows Active Directory management, the software has made generating Active Directory reports easy. More than 65 Active Directory reports now can be easily developed in just a single mouse click through AD Reports software. The reports generated with AD Reports software are easily customizable. Moreover, the reports can be saved in various formats like HTML, PDF, CSV, RTF, and TXT. The software is also available for a free

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